DAY 23: Breakfast at St Francis’

The thought of having to be at church at 07h30 for mass is a daunting thought. This is especially so because it has been a long month of in-depth. Sleep is now a luxury and when it has to be negotiated it is difficult. However, when the father of the church offers you breakfast after the mass, that’s good enough reason to sacrifice another hour, perhaps two, of sleep.

We arrived just in time for the mass at the St Francis Catholic church in Yeoville and just as a side note it self good to be in the presence of God for thirty minutes. This entire year, I have felt myself drift further and further from my spirituality and my beliefs and to be honest, spend ample amounts of time with Rastafari has not helped either.

After mass we mat him at his home which is on the church premises. The table was set and the food, a variety of cereals, bread with spreads, tea and coffee and an omelette which father told us he made for us himself. Unfortunately though, he started having a conversation with his helper about some or other thing and he burned it, he recalled. It was yummy still, once I picked off the burned parts.

During breakfast Father explained to us that he was celibate. His faith does not allow him to marry of have children. “You cant have children?” my classmate asked. “Of course I can have children, I’m a healthy man, the Father laughed. It’s like I am married to God and in so doing I have chosen a life of service and poverty.”

We spoke about many other things before he had to leave us for a meeting with his Bishop. “When you’re meeting you’re boss you cant be on time, you must be early,” he said as he was getting into his car to leave. He told us we were always welcome to eat with him, although I’m learning that people will say that just to be polite.

Sometimes waking up earlier than you have or doing anything else that you are uncomfortable with to to get you work done may not seem worth it but it always is, you may not get what you originally thought you would but you always get something that you previously may not have had. This in-depth journey has taught me that.


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