DAY 18: Pressure makes diamonds

As life goes, nothing always goes according to plan. You may have it all set out, the universe and the people with it have their own plans and unfortunately they are not in accordance with own. Now with very little time left for the project, I am a woman under some duress, with limited hope that things will fall into place.

Much like yesterday  today was not a very eventful day in Yeoville. Even though I did enjoy the wait- sitting in a small Cafe on Rocky Street watching people passing by in a haste, young women who should be in school, walking with what seems to be no purpose, children playfully splashing one another with little streams along the street and street vendors rinsing their vegetables and others cleaning of the dust that has accumulated on their miscellaneous items. It was somewhat a bitter wait.


These are sights were certainly worth appreciating. Without sounding like some kind of ignorant snob, I find it wonderful to be exposed to all sorts of lives because they humble me to realities that are very different from my own. and while many of them have found contentment in their lives, I empathize with them and grow more and more appreciative of the live I am fortunate to live.

Anyway, that was the nice side to the wasted day I had today. Again people were unable to make the appointments we had agreed upon. And instead of informing me in advance, I found myself waiting and waiting for almost four hours with my calls going un-returned. I could have made alternative plans. Nonetheless it doesn’t help to waste more time moping. I literally just don’t have the time to do so. *giggles with disbelief*

Even with the disappointments that have been handed to me during the last and crucial week of this in-depth project, disappointments that have put me under great pressure to put together what remains of my work in very little time, I take some comfort in the words of a very wise person who said “pressure makes diamonds”. Another great thing to remember in this final stretch in my journey to becoming a good journalist.

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