DAY 16: I sold my friend for an interview

Its 16 days into this in-depth project and it feels as though the walls are closing in on me. The time continues to run way ahead of me and my progress, even though I have been hard at work, I cannot help but worry about how minimal the information that I have accumulated in the 16 days that I have been in Yeoville could actually be.

Today, during a now routine visit to Yeoville, I realised that I have reached a point in this project where I am willing to do and say almost anything to get the information I need to produce a brilliant story for my in-depth project.

I don’t like to beg, I doubt anyone does. I do that and I have done so on a number of occasions during this project. Gets the work done. I don’t like having to share my contact details with people, particularly if they appear unreliable. I have done that too during this in-depth journey, a lot. Unfortunately instead of contributing to the completion of my assignment, I’ve gotten call backs but for alternative, romantic reasons, reasons I just do not have the patience or the time to entertain. It’s tricky. But it’s something I have to do to get the work done.

day 16Today I started filming for my multimedia aspect of in-depth. I with one of my classmates. She’s a beautiful girl and this is what my interviewee thought when she saw her and said she would only do the interview with me if my classmate agreed to give her her cellphone number. I laughed when the lady proposed this but she was serious and I had to make a decision quickly otherwise I was going to lose valuable footage for my video (when you have nothing everything seems valuable, even a 2 minute interview with someone about their hair).

“Sure,” I shrugged, “why not?, Nqo get your number ready for this lady,” I commanded, with somewhat of a confused smile on my face. The genuine belief Nqo expressed caught me a little off guard although I can understand why. I would have been a little unsettled. I was flushed with some embarrassment but it was done and I had secured my first interview.

Call it karma, or whatever else may seem fitting but the interview wasn’t an out-of-the-box interview. While she answered my questions there was not added spark. Essentially I sold Nqo for a mediocre interview. although I suppose we do what we have to do to get our work done.

This in-depth journey has demanded that I grow resourceful and take on opportunities in any kind of way. In this final stretch to becoming a good journalist, I must therefore be relentless at times and also do things I might not normally do because it all pays off eventually.

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