DAY 15: What more do you have to give?

It’s scary to think this but I think I might have experience most of what there is to experience. And with eight days left of this project this is an unsettling thought. There’s a resounding question in my mind: what is there left to explore?

Today was not a particularly out-of-the-box day apart from the fact that myself and my classmates were chased like dogs from a church by a PASTOR! And all we had done was introduce ourselves as student journalists from Wits…

In my 14 days I have learned a world of things, things I otherwise might have not learnt had I not done this preject. I’ve eaten unconventional food, spoken to people I could listen to for hours on end. I’ve been exposed to an array of view and opinions and ways of life. I’ve had to fight off prying eyes and hands more times than I can count. I’ve experienced different religions and cultural practices, even dressed like they dress within their cultures from all of Africa in this microcosm of the African continent. I’ve even had secret hopes (which are not so secret now) to find love in Yeoville. As silly as it may seem, I recently discovered that African men, West African men, ooze with charm, charisma, a manliness which I admire.

I don’t know that I can remember it all, although I know I have discovered a great deal about myself. My strengths, my weaknesses, my patience levels (which happen to be outstanding) and my tolerance to new experiences. I know now that there is more depth to me than I previously thought and I have enjoyed this process of growth.

As I anticipate another day in Yeoville, my lover, I can’t help but wonder if it has anything more to offer me. Nevertheless, As this in-depth journey has taught me, I will go with an open mind though, prepared to take in what it has to offer be it in the form of people, food, culture and the like. Just another element in the final stretch in my journey to becoming a good journalist.


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