DAY 14: Holy ghost fire


Church. A sacred place where people come together, be it on a Sunday or Saturday, to worship and praise the Lord they believe to be their creator and provider.

Until recently in Yeoville and other places, church was a place where people could pray together for a better quality of life and receive blessings from the servant of God which would be in the form of the priest or a pastor who have been anointed to be a messenger of good and hopeful news to the people. And teachings that will prepare them for eternal life in the kingdom of the Lord.

Now, to be a recipient of these blessings and the all important teachings which by the way,are entitled to all Christians by virtue of the fact that the son of God, Jesus Christ, was sent as a sacrificed, Christians are required to have money and by the look of the lifestyle that many pastors have today, lots of money.

Protestant churches (the name given to churches that have broken away from Catholic, Methodist or Anglican beliefs and principles) as they were described by Christians of the Catholic church in Yeoville have mastered the art of fooling people who are desperate for a spot in the queue where wealth is being handed out. They have conquered the art of convincing people that God is a God of yes and immediate reaction,contrary to what we have been taught.

Today my classmate and I went to a church, which remain un-named where blessings were giving to those that had a tithe to offer the church. Their blessing thanked their giving nature and asked God to provide them with more money to continue tithing. After this their hands were oiled with holy oil. Very few of the people did have tithe. Those that did not have also received a blessing. Although, theirs went along the lines of: Lord line the pockets of these people so that they may give to the church (not to God, to church). It is sad indeed how the suffering and desperation of people has been turned into business opportunities and exploits for the betterment of the “messengers of God”.


If you’re as inquisitive as I am you’ve probably asked yourself how these pastors hook people. Apart from their charismatic personalities and preaching styles, they have managed to create the belief that they have, within them, divine healing powers from God. Powers which they can utilize, through the “holy ghost fire” to heal congregants of all sicknesses and misfortune. I don’t understand this holy ghost fire phenomenon. Today, to receive delivarance by shouting “HOLY GHOST FIRE” and they did, for a good few minutes. What I don’t understand is that ghost refers to dead and darkness so why would anyone place their well-being in the trust of death and darkness? A lack of understanding perhaps or desperate naivety.

Another questionable element was what happened to me when I decided to go to the alter to have the pastor of the church place his hand over me, so I could receive healing. I’ve seen on television that hen a pastor places his hand on the forehead of a congregant, they fall back as they are filled with the anointing of the Lord. I expected the same but I fell back because I was pushed and rather aggressively. Watchers would have seen my deliverance and praised at the sight. Although, I knew and felt differently.

It was an interesting day and while I cannot place judgment on those that be live wholeheartedly in the practices of these pastors, I cannot help but feel sorry for them. It is not my place to do anything though. If there is one thing that this in-depth journey is teaching me the value and the beauty of choice that people have. I suppose that in this final stretch in my journey to becoming a good journalist, I must step back and allow people to think and do as they wish. It makes for a grand story.


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