Caracara: Which Parody Rocks YOUR World?

As of late, South African hip hop has been on the rise, with local rap stars staring to gain massive exposure on the continent. With this increase in coverage, the local hip hop industry has also revealed it has quite the funny bone.

With Teargas member KO’s smash single ‘Caracara’ recently hitting one million views, the hit seems to have sparked a wave of hilarious spoof versions of the song.

First it was ‘Ipapa ne Chakalaka’ by @IamVertigoMan and @cox1tau, which has been causing a stir on social media over the past week since its release.

Now it has been revealed that a new version of the track by SK and Zabalaza, titled ‘Uk’dakwa’ (literally meaning ‘to get drunk’) is also quickly gaining traction on the internet.

Popular gossip websites like are finding it hard to decide which spoof is funnier. You can decide for yourself which one rocks your world by listening to both in the links below.



Ipapa ne Chakalaka:


Have a good giggle. I did.

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