DAY 11: It’s all coming together

IT'S A PROCESS: Photo: University off North Dakota, Writing Centre

IT’S A PROCESS: Photo: University of North Dakota, Writing Centre

My story is coming together. It has been a gradual process but it has been one nonetheless. After days of research and getting well acquainted with the Rastafari community in Yeoville I got to learn of their culture, their practices and essentially their being in Yeoville.

They were welcoming and from the moment I started to interact with them and they opened up their lives to me for experience it as they do. Of course I had my limits to what I was willing to experience but I received them and their way of lives with an open mind and the hunger to learn and to produce my best work.

I must be honest, It was tough to formulate into words my experience thus far. While It was good to learn, it was, at the same time, an overwhelming amount of information that I had absorbed and I struggled to structure it into a report that would teach my reader something new about the wonderful life of the Rastafari.

I did not realise how challenging it would be to write. I thought it would come to me naturally by virtue of the fact that I was and still am having an explosive time in Yeoville with the Rastafari. But it is not the case and I found myself stuck.

However, I did and it is starting to take form, finally. After two drafts of my feature, I am finally beginning to see some direction. There’s hope, as many would say.

This in-depth journey has taught me that greatness is hard to come by. I have learned this but it is only now that I am living it and I am finding that I have to work harder than I think I’ve ever worked. Its difficult but it pays off. This final stretch in my journey to becoming a great journalist is building my character and providing me with the ability to work with perseverance and conviction.

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