‘Call it magic’

I love music. It has this amazing ability to transport me to a place of tranquility. A place that takes me away from the world be it for three minutes or five minutes. After I have listened to a good song I feel rested and I am able to face another day of this craziness I call life.

This past Saturday, after a family funeral, I was on my way to  Yeoville for an afternoon of research when i heard a song on the radio. I was sitting in the back seat of my father’s car so I could not see what station it was playing on. My mind was urging me to grab my phone and Track ID the song but my soul and my body started to drift. My head tilted back. My eyes closed. I was taken.

“Climb out of my car,” my father said. It felt so sudden but I did. I’d come from a place of true calmness and I was happy. I looked fro songs that had “magic” as their primary lyric because I just had to listen to it again. And I found it. It is no surprise to me that it was by Codlplay. Enjoy it.

Coldplay – Magic from their latest album Ghost Stories

Video published on Youtube on Apr 7, 2014 by Coldplay Official


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