DAY 8: Half-priced beauty

I knew I wouldn’t end my love affair with Yeoville without exploiting some of its economic offerings.  It’s like shops salons and stallsat the market in yeoville have not been affected by the declining economy in the country. It’s either they are really kind people who care about the pockets of people and do not allow inflation to affect their business. I was not sure of how exactly how I was going to do so. I thought I might buy the ridiculously low priced vegetables which a sold on every street corner. I thought I might buy some of the cosmetics but then I also thought I that I don’t have my medical aid card handy in case I develop an insane allergy from bargain buy make-up.

I continued to walk along Hunter street, done with my day’s work and then I was ambushed by a lady who appeared as though she had fallen from the sky and landed right in front of me. Turns out she just briskly walked out of one of the many salons along the street when she spotted a potential customer. “Come sisi let me do your hair, its cheap at my salon,” she said. She completely ignorned me when I said no and she persisted. Eventually I agreed to have her do my hair when she told me that she would only charge me R100.

I will admit though when I sat in the chair in the surprisingly quiet salon I felt some guilt. I have a hairdresser in Braamfontein who’s done my hair for about two years now. Of course she is not as affordable as this lady in Yeoville but she knows my hair and treats it like it was her own. So I felt guilty because I felt like I was placing my hair in someone else’s care because she was cheaper. Not because I trusted her and certainly not because I had seen her work  but just because she was cheap. The curse it is to be an unemployed student.

Yeoville, during this in-depth journey, tested my loyalties today and I failed. Dismally. But I got a new look for it so I suppose not all is lost. In an introspective kind of way, this final stretch in my journey to becoming a good journalist will be full with temptations and challenges that might test my character. And, I suppose, whether I pass of fail they will build me nonetheless.

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