DAY 3: Mo faya maan

“Rasta is love. Rasta is about sharing, caring, loving, giving and spreading love.” ~ Jah Bless

After uncomfortable experiences with people or places you tend to change your perspective on life in relation to the experience. It may be subconscious. It may be brief. But I’m certain it happens. It certainly happened to me after my experience yesterday.

Yeoville and its people suddenly encompassed those scary stereotypes about its fall from grace into a seedy and relentless pit of crime and sinister occurrences happenings behind the hundred-year old walls.

Thank heavens the human mind is a fickle one and with this fickleness that allow us to embrace new encounters with new people who truly do embody the some of the true beauty that exists in the world. That exists in Yeoville.

Today afforded me the great opportunity to meet man who is known in the Rasta community as “Elder”. He was full of love for what he said was more than just a religion. “Rastafari is built on a foundation of love, it’s life,” he said. I was taken by the love he had for his “life” and the appreciation that he expressed for the good existence he led as a result of his devoted following of the Rastafari.

The brief time I spent with him allowed me to reflect on my own life and my own experiences. In doing so I drew from him that as long as you can wake up and absorb the goodness that the world has to offer despite the bad then you can live and live well.

One day you hate the world and wish to stay beneath the safety and solitude of your covers forever. However, on another day, when you’re reminded of that thing called life and why it’s worth living, you can get up and continue to do the thing that you love.

It’s an up-hill, down-hill journey, this in-depth journey,the final stretch in my quest to become a journalist.



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