Freedom in music second take

I was introduced to Albert Ayler only last week and we have since developed a wonderful love affair. I must admit that I am slightly ashamed that I’ve only just been exposed to such talent. His music is different from anything that I have listened to before and it really does provide a little space in which to escape from the world and the many stresses which are so prevalent in my life.

This particular album by Ayler is a compilation of spiritual songs and popular church choruses with an Ayler twist. A wonderful twist.

Albert Ayler – Goin’ home

01- Goin’home
02- Ol’ man river (take 2)
03- Down by the riverside (take 6)
04- Swing low, sweet chariot (take 3)
05- Deep river
06- When the saints go marchin’ in
07- Nobody knows the trouble i’ve seen
08- Ol’ man river (take 1)
09- Swing low, sweet chariot (take 1)
10- Down by the riverside (take 5)

**Video retrieved from Youtube, posted by Enrique Clovek

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